About Us


We will create a frictionless investment process where investors connect directly to asset managers or other investors; we aim to make investing affordable, comprehensible and transparent for everyone. 



Investment portfolios have a conscience, we will make it visible and help investors to align it with their values and expectations. Our ESG lense will make the impact of investments more transparent.

Direct Access

We will fully platformize and digitalize retail Wealth Management. Investors will have a  large and transparent product range at their fingertip. We will offer asset managers access to an untapped pool of investors.  


The use of new Blockchain - Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) enables features unthinkable in the traditional, heavily intermediated investment process. On our market place peer to peer trades will be instantly settled and at nearly no cost.


With the goal of launching the Amazonisation of financial services, we will build a strong community, aiming to become the "LinkedIn" of investing. We let users engage in discussions, gain knowledge on a training platform and test new strategies in a virtual trading area. 


Investors will get the opportunity to interact, rate investment opportunities and exchange with like-minded people. The platform thus not only serves to buy and sell assets, but empowers users to engage with other investors.


A training platform is dedicated to investors who wish to acquire additional knowledge about ESG topics, investment strategies and financial markets. 


Through a virtual trading venue, finance novices as well as established investors can test new strategies before spending their earnings on financial markets.

Virtual trading