Senior Software Engineer “Front-End”

What you will be doing

Writing code! From scratch. New features, new APIs, and 2X performance enhancements - you’ll get a spec and start coding. You will contribute to the creation of a Cloud Native Software Architecture, integrated across numerous offerings and user endpoints.


You will write and deliver new features, APIs, and build a complex production systems from scratch. You will help us adopt new technologies that simplify and enhance our applications. You will contribute to writing products across multiple domains and engineer them to the highest quality standards. All along the way, you will continue to expand and refine your technical skills.

Specific requirements

Successful candidates must meet the following:

·       Expert coder in Javascript/Typescript, with a desire to become full-stack, capable of integrating and debugging back-end technologies.

·       Knowledge in Database Technologies, SQL, writing complex queries.

·       A minimum of 2 years of professional experience shipping commercial software.

·       Systems thinker who understands how each feature fits into the overall design and can make architectural decisions and document the rationale.

·       Quick Learner. Pick up new technologies and programming languages every week

·       Hands-on experience using mocking frameworks to create unit tests with 100% code coverage

·       Ability to work with a structured and disciplined approach - we aim for the highest quality the first time and every time, no “hacking”.

Nice-to-have requirements

A university degree (BS, MS, or PhD)

·      Experience with cloud, CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Are you ready to rock? Let us know: