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Press wire: Investre leverages Fireblocks technology to enable asset manager foray into tokenization

Investre on its way to become the first digital custodian for UCITS in Europe

Luxembourg, 29 September 2022 – Today, the Luxembourg fintech for values-based investment fund digitalization and tokenization, Investre, announced that it is leveraging technology from Fireblocks, the award-winning digital asset custody, transfer and settlement platform.

By integrating with Fireblocks, Investre is responding to the ever-growing demand from asset managers to tokenize and digitalize investment funds such as UCITS (Undertaking for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities). Investre will be using Fireblocks’ industry-leading digital asset infrastructure for minting and burning tokens, self-custodying assets, and treasury management. Together, the two firms aim to set a new standard for secure digital custody of tokenized UCITS using blockchain technology.

“With our app, Moniflo, we’re continuing our journey to make values-based investments accessible. This means affordable investments—and for us, tokenization is the only way to achieve this. In terms of blockchain security and key management, we’re determined to get this right for investors or our clients and see Fireblocks suite of offerings as what we need to deliver on our vision.” says Investre Founder and CEO, Georges Bock.

“We’re thrilled to have Investre as the newest member of the Fireblocks Network. Their work in bringing greater transparency and cost efficiency to the UCITS marketplace through blockchain technology demonstrates the maturity of the tokenized asset market and the exciting new possibilities for investors to access digital assets more securely,” said Jonathan Dakin, Head of EMEA at Fireblocks.

Testing is currently underway, and the two solutions should be fully integrated by Q4 2022. The adapted solution will make fund custody safer, more transparent, more sustainable, and cost-efficient for all asset managers and retail clients.

Georges Bock continued.

“This signals major progress on the end-to-end digitalization of the investment fund industry. We look forward to going live with this innovation later in the year.”

About Investre and Moniflo

Investre was launched in 2020 by Georges Bock to build an on-chain marketplace that is the only DIY platform for values-based investors. In launching its app, Moniflo, Investre also enables asset managers to fully tokenize and digitalize their investment funds.

Moniflo was launched in 2022 by Georges Bock. Moniflo is the investing platform for the critical and the conscious. It gives values-driven people the tools and data they need to build wealth while making an impact. Moniflo aims to make investing transparent, affordable and for everyone. It is being launched by Investre, a fintech for technology innovation in sustainable finance.


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About Fireblocks

Fireblocks is an enterprise-grade platform delivering a secure infrastructure for moving, storing, and issuing digital assets. Fireblocks enables exchanges, lending desks, custodians, banks, trading desks, and hedge funds to securely scale digital asset operations through the Fireblocks Network and MPC-based Wallet Infrastructure. Fireblocks serves over 1,500 financial institutions, has secured the transfer of over $3 trillion in digital assets and has a unique insurance policy that covers assets in storage & transit. Some of the biggest trading desks have switched to Fireblocks because it’s the only solution that CISOs and Ops Teams both love. For more information, please visit

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