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Say hello to a new customer base

We are building the world's first digital marketplace for buying and selling sustainable UCITS
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Investment funds

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Easy to invest

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Filter by SDGs and exclusions

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Lower costs via blockchain

We take the best from different fields and combine it to make life easier for both investors and asset managers - the right mix.

What we combine

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Today vs. Tomorrow

Today's reality

T +48 hours settlement


No transparency


Dominated by intermediaries


Unknown price transaction


Single investment-NAV per day

Investre's tomorrow

T +3 seconds settlement


Full transparency (reviews and ESG)




Known price transaction


Trades 24/7

Growing market
The self-directed market is growing rapidly
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In a world where experience beats product, and where good enough doesn’t exist, it’s time to start building fund distribution platforms that make investing an empowering experience.


Would you let a learner swimmer in the water without a float?

We want to make learning-as-you-go as fun as possible by serving up education with a side of entertainment.

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Georges Bock, Founder

"Let's make investing as easy, quick and secure as shopping on Amazon"

Be a pioneer in doing good

 Be the first to connect with a new generation of investor by listing your ESG-focused UCITS on our retail app

Discover what your customer really wants

Find out what different customers hate, like and love so that you can tailor your UCITS to various profiles

Offer affordable investments

Allow people to invest small amounts by tokenising your assets and cutting out the middlemen to lower costs

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Tel: +352 621 840 855

209 Rue des Romains

Bertrange, L-8041

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